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Adrian Krebs

Chairman and CEO

Since 2019, Adrian Krebs is the CEO of TIE International AG, the fastest growing IT apprenticeship company in Switzerland. In this period of growth, Adrian has been instrumental in the development and implementation of practical educational solutions within the IT industry. His passion is the application of value-generating methodology to the apprenticeship scheme within Switzerland. He convinced clients including the largest global search engine, financial institutions, and various other leading corporations to create new apprenticeship positions. His firsthand experience in the Swiss apprenticeship scheme enables him to practically assist both employers and apprentices in the important process of developing IT skills while securing talents for the organization. Adrian’s focus is on IT, engineering and education; he has a Bachelor of Business Administration and an Executive MBA. Other positions include President of the IT Exam Commission for the Canton of Zurich, Member of the Board of IT Quality Management of the Canton of Bern, and Board member of the IT Association in Zurich. Adrian is a co-founder of the ETH Circle and represents them internationally as an ambassador. In his spare time, he is an inspirational lecturer in software development.