The growing divide between the skills business needs and the skills people have threatens the sustainability of business, augments wage inequality, and prevents the long-term success of a nation. This disconnect increases social and economic inequality, especially among minorities and people with lower levels of formal education. It also impedes innovation and growth as companies cope with finding the talent they need to meet. The United States and Switzerland have, therefore, strengthened knowledge exchange in the field of apprenticeship.

TIE International complements this cooperation with operational implementation. We are one of the leading and officially recognized educational institutions for apprenticeships in Switzerland. We empower businesses worldwide by supporting the uptake of sustainable work-based learning, including Swiss-style apprenticeship.

  • With our basic and practical training, we offer individual solutions and are an ideal, agile partner.

  • We offer practice-based training so that the trainees return to the companies with a sharper customer focus.

  • We also develop training concepts for ICT professions and support learners in their personal development.


The basic apprenticeship year is the first of four apprenticeship years in the computer science and graphic design professions. During this time, the students acquire the necessary basics for their job.

The great advantage of the basic apprenticeship year is the reduced supervision and administration effort for the companies. After this year, the apprentices can be deployed in the company thanks to the necessary prior knowledge. The students not only acquire the essential theoretical content but also how to deal with customers and projects.

In addition to the professional training, we also train the apprentices in work and learning techniques, customer orientation, and presentation techniques. So that students become reliable and motivated employees.

There is also the possibility of a subsequent practical training year. During this year, the technical knowledge is expanded, and various soft skills are trained more intensively. After this second year of practical training, apprentices can be employed directly with customers as full-stack developers or graphic designers.


We offer students of computer science and graphic design technology practical branch courses. The students work on projects in direct contact with customers.


  • Our trainees work with real customers and on real projects. This way, they learn from day one what customer orientation (correspondence, tool landscape, cost estimation, etc.) means.
  • Together, TIE has 45 years of experience in training with apprentices.
  • The Swiss-style apprenticeship at TIE has an international focus. We have international clients as well as team members and enable apprentices to work abroad (e.g., four weeks in New York City). With this special add-on, the market opportunities for learners increases.
  • Students also work together with our offshore office. Thus they learn to work in an international context.
  • We work with proven and modern tools and technologies. We can also respond to your specific wishes. High agility is crucial to us.
  • We have renowned partners such as the ETH Zurich. Thus we are at the source of the best talents/trainers in the world.

We would be happy to advise you personally and search for the best solution together.

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